We are a nonprofit organization that provide resources, support, and enrichment services for children with special needs and their parents that promote optimal health and wellness, Community Keys 4 Needs Inc also provides information, support, and assistance to parents of children with special needs.

Who are we?

As a single parent of 3 special needs children. It has become my passion to build up and empower other families like mine that have been given the special tasks of conquering the daily challenges that stem from having this lifestyle. 

I am so excited to share my knowledge and experiences to be able to help others with support, love, and care. Experiencing emotional pain does Not make you a bad parent. It is OK to be human and to admit that you really need someone to BE THERE & hold your heart the way you hold everyone else's. You are wonderful just the way you are!

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""Having seen the personal results Dani has driven in me and in conjunction with her leadership and an inbound experience in her parenting field, I can't recommend her program highly enough. It eliminates the need for disparate tools, she knows how to bring everything together and delivers measurable results as a special needs expert. I learn so much every single time from her. “

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